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A small financial aid helped her discover fiscal security!


To say that daily existence was a challenge for 40-year-old Bhumadevi would be an understatement. Married off as a child and after losing her husband in 2015, Bhumadevi found herself and her two sons suddenly at the mercy of her brother-in-law. The widow was desperate, but not for some charity. What she was looking for was just some small but solid support that would help set her on a path to financial freedom.

Enter Bajaj Foundation!

In fiscal 2022-23, the Foundation gave a financial support package to Bhumadevi, amounting to a few thousands of rupees. This proved sufficient for the enterprising widow to buy an initial stock of bangles, bindis and other small things that she knew women love to wear.

Bhumadevi set up a shop in her village which was promptly and continuously patronised by other local women. Pretty soon, she was earning a daily profit running into hundreds of rupees and this catapulted her and her sons into a life of dignity. The transformation was miraculous: Bhumadevi, who originally hailed from a landless family, has now not only become financially dependent but is also able to cover all academic expenses related to her sons, who are in their late teens and studying.

The small fiscal nudge Bajaj Foundation gave to Bhumadevi resulted in an adequate income-generation activity for her. More importantly, it also guaranteed that her small family would have the means to live a financially independent and adequately comfortable life.

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