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to empowercommunities

An efficient way towards uplifting the farming community is by introducing sustainable development that offers the future generation a stress-free life.

Social responsibility and commitment towards adopting sustainability have been at the core of the many interventions carried out by The Bajaj Foundation. Wardha, from where Gandhiji fought his non-violent struggle, was considered as the Karma Bhumi for the foundation’s development work. First intervention that came out of The Bajaj Foundation was towards reviving the river systems in the villages with the support of the farming community.

Stories of Impact

Our Focus Area

to transformlives

Upliftment of farmers can be achieved through access to enhanced opportunities, training programs and technological innovation.

Agriculture is the prime source of livelihood in Wardha. However, the traditional cropping pattern is unsustainable as it is both ecologically and economically unviable. The Bajaj Foundation motivates farmers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices by incorporating technology.

Stories of Impact

Our Focus Area


water resourcemanagement

Villages Covered0

Farmers Benefited0K+

Acres Benefitted0Lac+

76% of the total available groundwater is used in the agricultural sector, which is withdrawn through wells and bore wells. However, the quantum of extracted groundwater is not returned in any form and hence groundwater depletion problem is witnessed across the country. Therefore, The Bajaj Foundation has the vision to develop water resources along with demand and supply-side water management interventions, through participatory approaches.




Promotion of Indigenous Cow0

Villages Covered0

Average IncomeRs.0K+Each family per cow

The Bajaj Foundation aims for a better return from the dairy activity by way of Dairy Farming intervention. This is achieved through the promotion of fodder crops, improved feeding of cattle, setting up milk collection centres and promoting local cow.



institutional building

Village Level Institutions0

Total villages0

Total House holds0Lac+

Institution Building programme started with the aim to institutionalise the developmental process for the constant and sustainable benefit of the community. Through this intervention, The Bajaj Foundation promotes, nurtures and also revives the institution. Additionally, different kinds of enterprising activities have been taken up by the self-help group such as dairy farming, horticulture and kitchen gardening.




Trainings and Workshops0

No. of Village0

Total House holds0Lac+

The Bajaj Foundation believes in empowering the community through various capacity building interventions. Training is provided to the community and village volunteers on various issues related to the concept of the development process, participatory approach, ownership, SHGs promotion and Institution building process. The training programmes are organised at both levels – village level as well as the institutional level.


  • Water Resource
  • Dairy Farming
  • Institutional Building
  • Capacity Building
  • working

    It is at the ground-root level that improving people’s lives shape up, where individuals take charge of their own communities.


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    Join hands with The Bajaj Foundation to create an impact at a local level.

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    The spirit of volunteerism is very important and The Bajaj Foundation provides the required space to practice the same.

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