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Mixed Farming: 11 types of fruits and vegetables from the same farm, due to natural farming, the income of this farmer has increased up to 4-5 times

Mixed Farming: When a farmer does many types of farming together in the same land, then it is called mixed farming. On the other hand, if a farmer does all this through natural farming, then his earnings increase further, because the cost is further reduced. On the other hand, the income from mixed farming can be double to quadruple or even more. Let us understand this and know how some farmers are earning big money from it (Earning By Mixed Farming)

New Delhi: You can guess how beneficial natural farming can be from the fact that it eliminates the dependence of farmers on the market. They neither have to buy any fertilizers from the market, nor do they have to buy any kind of pesticides. Many farmers are not even dependent on the market for seeds. At the same time, many farmers have formed some groups together, due to which their dependence on the market has also ended and they are selling fruits and vegetables directly to the customers. Due to all this, the income of the farmers has doubled, but their income from mixed farming has increased to 4-5 times (Earning By Mixed Farming).

Farmers doing mixed farming

In Wardha, about 60 km from Nagpur, farmers are not only emphasising on natural farming, but they are also doing mixed farming. Kamalnayan Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation is helping them in every possible way, which is teaching mixed farming and natural farming to the farmers. In mixed farming, farmers do not grow just one crop on the same land, but grow many types of crops. The land on which he is planting fruit trees, he is also growing many types of vegetables on the same land.


10 types of fruits and vegetables in the same field, honey separately

A farmer from Wardha, Satish is earning a lot of money by doing mixed farming. He has prepared a model of mixed farming in about one and a half acres of land. In this, he has planted 10 types of fruits and vegetables. These include fruits like orange, mosambi, guava, papaya, chikoo and dragon fruit. There are also vegetables like tomato, spinach, bitter gourd and cabbage. At the same time, the work of rearing small bees is also being done on many trees, in which additional income is earned from the honey available. There are about 80 fruit trees in this entire field.


Income keeps coming throughout the year.

The biggest advantage of mixed farming is that the farmer does not have to wait for months to earn. When it is fruit season, he earns something or the other every week by selling few fruits. On the other hand, when there are no fruits, vegetables keep arranging some money for him every day. At the same time, these farmers sell goods directly to the customers and do natural farming, so they get good price. The price is also less when sold in the market and many things have to be sold at once.


Understand the math of earning like this

Satish says that earlier he used to plant cotton in this piece of one-and-a-half acres, from which he could earn up to 22-25 thousand rupees annually after deducting all the expenses. Now he is doing mixed farming in the same field, which earns from one to 1.25 lakh rupees. On the other hand, honey also earns something or the other. That is, their income has increased to 4-5 times as compared to earlier, which is making their life better.