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Amplifying Prosperity – Smart Management of Perennial and Seasonal Crops


Published Jan 1, 2001

30 years’ young farmer Satish Joge is a resident of village Allipur of block Hinganghat. He owns 3 acres of land. Out of which 2 acres is under natural farming since last 3 years. Before the adoption of natural farming, his net profit per acre was about Rs.30000 with the same cultivation cost.

In the year 2017 - 18, he changed the cropping pattern over 2 acres. He has a mixed 210 plantation of papaya, orange, sweet lime, sapodilla plum, lemon, mango, guava, karvanda, jamun, pomegranate and ber. He cultivates green leafy vegetables as intercrop. On another 1 acre, he cultivated pumpkin in kharib and wheat, pigeon pea, turmeric, mustard, fennel and fruit types of vegetables. Satish processed wheat, pigeon pea, turmeric and chilli and sold in Grain Festival organized by Bajaj Foundation. All these harvests amplified his per acre profits to Rs.1,12,500 at a cultivation cost of Rs. 30,000.

Satish shared, “My farm bunds are crowded by neem plantation which not only served me inputs for natural farming but also controls the micro climate of my farm. My profits amplified as I began to process and sell my farm produce on my own.”

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