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Where We Work

Wardha District of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra is where our developmental interventions are organized. Jamnalalji Bajaj adopted this district for Gandhiji’s social and economic development programmes. The Vidarbha region is also known as the farmers’ suicide-prone zone. Today, the Bajaj Foundation people are working towards introducing the people of Wardha to sustainable agriculture and better livelihood opportunities to improve the quality of their lives through participatory approaches.

Sikar District of Rajasthan, where our community development interventions are organized, is known as the “Door to the Thar Desert” and experiences extremes in climate, with an arid summer and intensely cold winters. The situation is alarming due to the high groundwater extraction level, and most of the blocks have been declared as the dark zone. Jamnalalji Bajaj was born in Kashi-Ka-Bas, a village in Sikar district. He dedicated his entire life to the nation and society. The Bajaj Foundation is working towards introducing sustainable development interventions to develop natural resources, sustainable agriculture, and better livelihood opportunities.

Lalitpur District of Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh where our community development interventions are organised. This district is selected as part of Corporate Social Responsibility as Bajaj Group promoted ‘Lalitpur Power Generation Company Ltd.’ has been operational in Lalitpur district. The Bajaj Foundation team has been implementing various need-based community development interventions focussing on water resources development, sustainable agriculture practices, and infrastructure development to strengthen livelihood of the rural people.

“The journey from survival stage to self-reliant stage is not very easy. There are many chances to again come in to the debt trap and hence in the vicious cycle of poverty. Thus, a complete livelihood plan for the poor family is essential. And India has tremendous potential to not just develop a holistic one but also implement it successfully.”

- Shishir Bajaj

Our Strategy

Need Assessment Community Perspective Community Empowerment Community Participation

Community Institutions Community Contributions Scientific Field Studies Enhancing Awareness

Focused Training Village volunteers & Development committees Working with Women

Fostering partnership & Networking Preparing cadre of Local Extension Volunteer for Technology Transfer Reaching Out: The Livelihood Training Resource Centre