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Rain water makes tension free life and saves money: Roof Rain Water Harvesting Structure

Success Story Bajaj Foundation, Sikar

Bhanwari Devi lives in the village Basri (Khurd), Dantaramgarh block. Her husband works outside Sikar for fulfilling daily needs while she takes cares of two children and domestic animals, buffaloes and goat herds single-handedly.

Her family struggles for drinking water in summer season as most of the area dried up due to depleted groundwater. She walks up to 10 km for her daily water requirement for family and animals.

During summer, her family members depend on tanker water for drinking and cooking purpose. They need one tanker of 5000 litres in a month for 6-month i.e from January to June every year. Cost of water tanker is Rs. 500 but, during summer season from March to June, the cost of tanker increases up to Rs. 800.

After the intervention of RRWHS, Bhanwari Devi saves a total amount of Rs. 4200 and saves her energy for arranging drinking water. Now, she is tension free and relaxed after getting water at her doorstep without spending any money. She is grateful to The Bajaj Foundation!

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