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Natural Farming: Know what is natural farming

Natural Farming: Organic farming is very expensive, so natural farming is a better option. Under this, farmers make nutrition and insecticides for plants in their own homes. That is, there is no cost to the farmer on all these things, provided you have cow dung and urine. On the other hand, vegetables grown from natural farming are sold at a higher price, due to which the farmers earn a good income.

New Delhi: Organic farming, which provides organic vegetables and fruits. This is the method in which organic things are used instead of chemicals. However, organic vegetables and fruits are very expensive, because the organic ingredients used to grow them are expensive. In such a situation, many farmers start using chemicals, due to which their yield increases, but the strength of the land deteriorates and the effect of chemical in fruits and vegetables also spoils the health. In such a situation, Natural Farming is a better option. Although people are doing a little work on this in many places across the country, but farmers are being given special training in Wardha, Nagpur in Maharashtra.


Natural farming is changing the lives of farmers

Farmers are being taught the tricks of natural farming on behalf of Kamalnayan Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation in Wardha. They are being told what are the benefits. There are many such farmers in Wardha, who have done the work of improving the health of their land as well as the health of the people by adopting natural farming. Farmers are also saving a lot of money from natural farming, because they are not buying all kinds of chemicals.


'Zero' cost is natural farming

Due to natural farming, now they neither have to buy any pesticide from the market, nor do they have to buy any kind of fertilizer. On the other hand, the farmer also saves the seeds for the next crop from the produce from his field, so that he does not even have to buy the seeds. Plants of many types of fruits etc. are also available to the farmers very cheap or free of cost through some government schemes. That is, if we talk about the cost, then there is no other cost other than the hard work of the farmer. Everything used in agriculture is available with the farmer. However, the tools used for farming may cost a little, but they are only a one-time cost. On the other hand, if you hire a labourer in your farm, then that can also increase the cost.


How are natural fertilizers and pesticides made?

Farmers use cow dung and urine to make all kinds of fertilizers and pesticides. By mixing jaggery, gram flour, soil etc. in cow dung and cow urine, farmers are making Jeevamrut, which can be transported to the fields along with irrigation water. At the same time, pesticides are being made by mixing many things including neem, datura etc. in cow urine, due to which the plants are being saved from diseases. That is, whether to nourish the field or keep diseases away from the field, all the work is getting easier with cow dung and urine.


Earnings doubling

Farmers are not only growing the crops without spending any extra, they are also doing the work of selling them directly to the customer. With the help of the foundation, many farmers' groups have been formed in Wardha, who together do the work of marketing their products. That is, there is no need to sell the vegetable in the field in any market at throwaway prices, that vegetable is sold directly to the customers in weekly or daily markets. These vegetables are grown completely naturally, so their prices are also good. Anyway, the corona era has taught people how important natural products are and the use of chemicals is affecting their immunity. In such a situation, people are also giving good prices for good things, due to which the income of the farmers is also increasing a lot.