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Inspiring Story of Farmer Kishor Bannagare

The Bajaj Foundation has been working tirelessly on the Natural Farming initiatives in the Wardha district of Maharashtra. Due to excessive use of chemicals in the agriculture sector, the health of soil, flora and fauna has deteriorated considerably. The immunity of the people also gets adversely affected inviting several diseases. With the intervention of the Foundation and introduction of indigenous cows, locally available biomass-based natural farming is increasingly becoming popular among the agrarian community. It is the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable practice. Thousands of farmers have started adopting these natural farming practices being promoted by Bajaj Foundation in Wardha and Sikar District resulting in improved health of soil, flora and fauna. By adopting these practices, a large number of farmers have crossed their net income of Rs.1 lakh/acre/annum and become Lakhpati farmers. Mr. Kishor Bannagare of Jaitpur Village, after finishing his education, decided to go back to farming. With the inspiration he received from the Bajaj Foundation and well-noted agriculturist Padmashri Subhash Palekarji he adopted horticulture and natural farming practices. Now Bannagare earns Rs.7-8 lacs per acre per annum by cultivating his land.