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Farmers Income Double : Life changed in just 1 month

Farmers Income Double: Earlier water used to flow out from rivers and farmers could not get water for irrigation during summer. In such a situation, the land of the farmers used to be barren in summer. Due to the construction of check dam on the river, farmers are now getting irrigation facility even in summer. The farmers who used to plant one crop earlier are now planting two to three crops in a year. Some farmers are also doing mixed farming.

New Delhi: Who does not know Wardha, Mahatma Gandhi had taken a vow during the Dandi Yatra that he would not return to the Sabarmati Ashram until independence was achieved. Then in 1934, businessman Jamnalal Bajaj invited him to come to Wardha. In 1936, he built a sevashram on the land acquired from Bajaj and lived there for about 12 years. In today's era, Wardha is being known for another important reason, which has doubled the income of the farmers. The Modi government has been making efforts to increase the income of farmers for the last several years. It was even said that the income of farmers would be doubled by 2022, but despite all efforts, this has not been possible so far. However, there are many farmers in Wardha, about 70 km from Nagpur in Maharashtra, whose income has doubled. Now the question is, how did the income of these farmers double, let's understand it.

Everything changed after a month of hard work Farmers in Wardha face acute water shortage during summer.

There the summer is usually too high, due to which the rivers dry up very quickly. The only source of irrigation for small farmers is the canals from which farmers irrigate their fields. Here the water of the rivers reaches the verge of drying up by the month of March-April, but Kamalnayan Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation has helped the farmers by working on several projects with the government in Wardha. One of these projects is to build check dams on rivers.


What is a check dam and how is it made?

A check dam is a structure built in the middle of a river to stop water. It also has gates, so that when the water is more, it can be easily removed from the fields. It takes about a month to build a check dam on a river and after that the lives of the farmers around that river are changed. This step has helped in containing the water in the river and due to the long water retention, the farmers are getting the facility of irrigation for a long time.


The land used to be barren, was populated by check dams.

Talking to Ranjit, a farmer from Wardha, he told that the need of water for irrigation was met only from the river and the well, which used to dry up very soon. In such a situation, the land remained barren in summer. He tells that Kamalnayan Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation has built check dams in the river and revived the well. In this way, water is stagnant in the river for a long time, which used to either flow away or dry up earlier.


Now understand how the income doubled

Ranjit says that earlier he was able to grow crops only once in a year, but now he takes up to 3 crops in a year, because he is getting water facility due to the construction of check dam. Earlier he used to grow only cotton or soybean, but now he is also growing wheat, vegetables are also growing, gram, sugarcane are also growing. Earlier farmers were able to earn 40-45 thousand rupees from one acre in a year, but now they are earning 80-85 thousand. There are some farmers who are earning up to Rs 1 lakh through mixed farming.


Many benefits while serving one purpose

All the works of the Foundation like reviving the rivers, taking out the soil accumulated in it, strengthening the banks and making check dams have brought not one but many benefits to the farmers. The purpose was only to hold the water in the rivers for a longer time, which would help the farmers in irrigation, but it has many other benefits. Due to the elevation of the banks, when there is more rain, the chances of flooding are greatly reduced. The water from the rivers does not break into the fields, due to which the crop is saved from damage. Water is available for irrigation for a long time. At the same time, due to stagnant water for a long time, the water level in the ground is also increasing. In many places, a structure like a check dam has also been made of soil, which is quite wide. It is so wide that farmers are carrying their tractors on it, so that they no longer need to cross the bridge to cross the river, thereby saving their time, Save money and hard work. Along with rivers, wells are also being revived, which is also helping the farmers a lot and they have got an additional source of irrigation.