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Farmer to Farmer Training in the villages of Sikar


Corporate Communication / Published Mar 2, 2020

Bajaj Foundation not only believes but also staunchly promotes sustainable agricultural practices. It has also adopted a holistic approach for the benefit of the farming community. Natural Farming is what we at Bajaj Foundation endorse since it has proven to be effectively sustainable and has also bettered the health of the soil, crops, humans and cattle. 

It is a known fact that the land gets poisoned every single day because of the excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Traces of which can be found in the groundwater. Now, Sikar falls under the dark zone so, to conserve water as well as agriculture, we have shifted our approach towards Natural Farming. And, around 4598 farming families have implemented this practice because, even they believe that if our farms are kept away from chemicals, they will be able to receive pure and sattvic food.


Collaborated with farmers to offer training through Kisan Pathshalas in Sikar


Understanding that not everyone might be equipped with the knowledge and technique to practice natural farming, we took up the initiative to bridge that gap. We initiated to offer training by getting on board farmers who have nailed the technique of it.

We have identified 200 farmers who have been cultivating crops through natural farming practices since the last 7 to 8 years. In the financial year 2019-20, we initiated the collaboration with farmers to provide training to fellow farmers of the neighbouring villages. This was also done to encourage more interaction between them, organize field visits and handhold them regularly.



Today, we have been able to reach around 24,331 farmers through 839 Kisan Pathshalas across 125 villages with the help of 24 experienced farmers. Our resource of farmers guided and trained 120 Govt. officials through 8 Kisan Pathshala in coordination with State Institute of Agriculture Management, Rajasthan. Through this phase of comprehensive training, our farmers are now aware of the 4 fundamental pillars of Natural Farming. They are –

  • Bijamrit: Seed treatment using local cow dung and cow urine
  • Jiwamrita: Applying inoculation made out of local cow dung and cow urine, without any fertilizers and pesticides
  • Mulching: Activities to ensure favourable micro-climate for the soil
  • Waaphasa: Soil aeration



We promote these guidelines with farmers and ensure chemical-free agriculture with the lowest external input cost, low water wastage, maintain ecological balance and above all, provide chemical-free food to the society.

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