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Dairy Farming

Promotion of fodder crops

To improve the milk yield of cattle, The Bajaj Foundation promotes the plantation of high yielding variety, better quality fodder crops. To facilitate this, The Bajaj Foundation provides seeds of these plants. Maize seeds (African Tall) have been given for demonstration to 126-farmers of Hivara, Vijaygopal, Gaurkheda, Choramba, Pachod, Bothali, Chandani village etc. 50% of the total seed cost is contributed by the farmers.

Improved feeding of cattle

To help the animals that get severely affected by the water shortage, The Bajaj Foundation has provided support for the construction of three water troughs. It will help animals to work smoothly in the fields, quench the thirst and a better yield of milk. In the Chandani and Bothali Villages, The Bajaj Foundation has also provided support for the construction of mangers to enable feeding of animals at stalls.

Milk Collection Centers

The Bajaj Foundation aims for a better return from the daily activity and this involves marketing support to the women of SHGs through Dairy Farming. The Bajaj Foundation have provided milk collection utensils along with fat testing machine in Vijaygopal, Jaamkhuta village of Aarvi block to Women SHG. The total cost of the unit is Rs.10, 000 out of which The Bajaj Foundation has contributed Rs.8, 000 and the SHG group has contributed Rs.2000. This is the start of the milk collection and marketing activities and has been received enthusiastically.

Promoting local cow

To promote indigenous local variety cow, The Bajaj Foundation financial and other support, which includes training on dairy activity and aftercare to needy families in the programme villages? Traditionally the rural community rear cows for own consumption of milk, selling of bull, fuel and making compost. They have not thought dairy farming as one of the sustained sources of money-spinning income. The Bajaj Foundation motivate community for keeping an indigenous cow, marketing milk and also scientifically making organic manure.