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Capacity Building

Institutional Trainings

Training is provided to the community and village volunteers on various issues related to the concept of the development process, participatory approach, ownership, SHGs promotion and Institution building process. The training programmes are organised at both levels- village level as also the institutional level.

Project Trainings

The Bajaj Foundation firmly believes in participatory approaches and full participation of the community in the development project cycle. Project training is organised to develop a better understanding of the process, strategy, quality and monitoring of the programme being implemented. This helps people to get more involved in the programmatic aspects as also develop ownership, leading to sustainability of the benefit institutional trainings.

Exposure visits

Seeing is believing” is the demand of the era. Various exposures are conducted to expose people to the need to develop and conserve Natural Resources and getting aware of various alternatives to do the same. So far, the community has been taken to Ahmed Nagar- Rahuri, Ralegaon Siddhi and Hivre Bazar. People have been delighted to see the development work and have pledged to do the same in their villages.

Street Play

Street plays are still popular in rural areas and are quite a useful tool for mass motivation along with recreation. Series of street plays have been conducted in the program villages of Deoli Block. The theme of the play was “Pani Aarva- Jivan Jarva” i.e. conserve water and save a life. The objective of the play was to motivate and aware people about the benefits of water conservation activity. Detail information regarding the implementation and benefits has been provided to the villagers by the professional artist through a street play. Women participation in street play is significant.


Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) is an extremely important tool in development planning. It helps in understanding people’s perspective on village issues and helps to build upon local knowledge and information for interventions related to these issues. Participation of the community in identifying and suggesting solutions to the problems of the village not only makes the project design more relevant and appropriate but also results in empowering people. Believing strongly in PRA as a tool for planning and empowerment, The Bajaj Foundation has conducted PRA in 30 villages, preparing Micro plan for all these 30 villages on water conservation and agriculture.

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