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enriching lives

For Bajaj Foundation, strengthening farming communities forms the core of its mission. Nowhere is this more visible than in Maharashtra’s Wardha district, which became famous after Mahatma Gandhi set up his revered Sevagram ashram there.

A strong and empowered farming community is indispensable to our nation’s sustainable development agenda. In Wardha, the Foundation — with the help of local farming communities — has worked tirelessly to revive local river systems and address the challenge of water availability.

Our Impact

Our Focus Area
Our Focus Area

fulfilling dreams

Education & training, technological enablement, and an ecosystem filled with opportunities are key to social mobility and local economic development.

Bajaj Foundation’s work in villages across Wardha (Maharashtra), Sikar (Rajasthan) and Lalitpur (Uttar Pradesh) has brought about a sea change in the lives of thousands of ordinary villagers. Through sustainable agricultural practices, innovative use of technology and continued support, we’re transforming lives every day.

Our Impact

Our Focus Area


Water Resource Management

River Length Rejuvenated (km)0

Families Benefited0

Land Covered (acres)0

Villages Helped0

Many water resource development and soil conservation programmes were conducted in over 1,400 villages. This helped improve water resource management and benefited more than 84,000 families across 3.15 lakh acres. The project team constructed over 110 check dams, about 400 group wells and rejuvenated more than 240 rivers/streams with total length of nearly 700 km to boost water resources as well as water conservation locally.



Biogas Plants Installed 0

Solar Lights Installed0

Farmers Benefitted0

Hand-holding villagers on the path of sustainability, Bajaj Foundation has been actively promoting renewable energy technologies for over 10 years. It had championed the use of biogas and solar-powered irrigation systems and has installed more than 6,000 biogas plants and over 3,500 solar lights, which benefited nearly 2,000 farmers. Through biogas, over 6,000 families across more than 900 villages have benefited. Additionally, this not only results in traditional energy conservation but also helps counter climate change.


Sustainable Agriculture

Farming Families Benefitted0

Acres of Land Benefitted 0


The Foundation undertakes several capacity-building measures for sustainable agriculture and provides guidance as well as motivation to farmers. These interactions have benefited over 1.27 lakh farming families, covering more than 1.64 lakh acres across 1,300 villages. Nearly 21,000 farmers have implemented natural farming techniques entirely, thus rejuvenating and boosting the local environment.



Women Benefitted 0

Self Help Groups Formed0

Families Benefitted 0

Bajaj Foundation has initiated several women-empowerment programmes in Wardha. Over 450 women across 26 villages in 8 blocks received training in tailoring courses. The Foundation also supported the creation of 2,000 kitchen gardens in Sikar district of Rajasthan. These projects go a long way in promoting gender equality in the region.


Creating AatmanirbharGaon

Cement Road Constructed (km)0

Road Constructed for Connectivity (km)0

Need-based Community Assets0

Aatmanirbharta (self-reliance) for villages was Gandhiji’s vision of a strong India. Bajaj Foundation is helping village economies become aatmanirbhar (self-reliant) through need-based interventions and by bolstering core infrastructure. The concept was disseminated to more than 50,000 families among rural communities across the districts of Wardha, Sikar and Lalitpur. The Foundation also constructed 9 km of cement concrete roads, 42 km roads for connectivity, and provided 49 need-based community assets.


Engaging young minds

Youths Benefitted 0

Design for Change Initiative0

Design for Change (DFC) is a global initiative that provides a platform for children to ideate and implement their own solutions towards creating a better world. More than 480 DFC initiatives were undertaken that benefited over 5,000 youths. This not only boosts skill development among these youths but also fosters entrepreneurship traits at a young age.

  • Water Resource Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Women Empowerment
  • Creating Aatmanirbhar Gaon
  • Engaging young minds
  • working

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