Yashoda Riverstreams Rejuvenation revival- A River Basin approach

Yashoda River/streams Rejuvenation: revival-A River Basin approach

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Wardha, one of the districts of Vidarbha, despite receiving a good amount of rainfall, experiences severe water shortages. The topography being somewhere almost flat & somewhere very undulating in Wardha leaves very little scope for any of the conventional water conservation measures. The water shortages, occurring soon after the monsoon months, have been negatively affecting the prospect of agriculture and hence, farmers are at the receiving end. For most of the farmers, agriculture is proving to be a losing proposition for livelihoods.

Over, the years, heavy rainfalls have plugged the rivulets. Many of these streams that drained the countryside once are today hidden in agricultural land. It is during heavy showers, that they reappear, rendering vast expanses of land submerged beneath them. The natural drainages are now being plugged with soil and other physical debris and leave no outlet. Water takes long to drain out, thereby destroying standing crops. The water, unable to find its way out sometimes inflicts severe damage to the land. The top soil is washed out from one land to be deposited elsewhere, thus reducing the capacity of the good soil to give good yield. KJBF team has searched viable and innovative intervention that has helped to correct the situation In an River basin as ridge to valley drainage network with water harvesting structures creation that is Yashoda River/streams Rejuvenation. The KJBF Team had to use multiple sets of strategies to ensure the successful implementation in order to establish the water conservation model for Vidharbha.

About Yashoda River Basin-

Yashoda river Wardha river originates on 785-meter-high Multai plateau of Satpuda near Betul from where it travels towards South and reaches in Wardha district. Further it flows at the North, West and South boundaries of district and enters in Chandrapur district.The Wardha River joins the Wainganga River south of Chamorshi and forms the Pranahita River at Adilabad District, Telangana. This river is having 8 sub tributaries (Vena,Pothra,Bor,Dham,Panchadhara,Yashoda,Bakli & Kar). *Yashoda River* is one of the tributaries of Godavari River in India. Yashoda is a sub river of Wardha River originates on 357 meter height of Satpura hills. It flows to north-west and reaches at Allipur of Hinganghat Tehsil. Later it converts into south- flowing and joins Wardha River near Takli village.

The Yashoda basin is located in the south-west of the Wardha district. The Yashoda River has its two major tributaries, the Bhadai River and the Punsoda River. The course of the Yashoda River is highly fertile with deep black soil. Kharif crops like cotton, hybrid jowar, local jowar, toor, moong, mot, groundnut, rice and vegetables and Rabi crops like wheat, gram and linseed are cultivated throughout the year along the river basin.

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