Better Cotton Initiative

Better Cotton Initiative

Cotton is one of the Vidarbha’s most important natural fibres. The Better Cotton Initiative exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future. Cotton is one of the most important and traditional crop of Wardha district. Hence KJBF had introduced, the Better Cotton Initiative Project in 106 villages, it includes 11000 farmers of Seloo, Deoli, Wardha, Ashti & Samudrapur cluster of Wardha District. The main objective of the project was to demonstrate the inherent benefits of better cotton production, particularly by promoting innovative and best management cotton production techniques & decent Work for farming communities.

BCI Works on Better Cotton System, it includes six production principle & Fourty four principle criteria, these are as follows-

Better Cotton System (BCS)-

  • Production Principles (6) and Criteria (44)
  • Farmer support
  • Farm Assessment
  • Supply chain
  • Measuring change & progress
  • Sharing best practice and knowledge

Production Principle-

  1. 1. To minimize the harmful impact of crop protection practices
  2. 2. To use water efficiently and care for the availability of water
  3. 3. Care the health of the soil
  4. 4. To conserve natural habitats
  5. 5. To care and preserve the quality of the fibre
  6. 6. To promote Decent Work Activities

Vision for Sustainable cotton production:

  • To promote Non Bt. indigenous cotton variety.
  • To motivate farmer’s toward adoption of natural farming practices instead of chemical farming.
  • To reduce mono-cropping in cotton and promote intercrop like pulses, vegetable and floricultural crop in cotton which gives additional income and reduce the risk of failure of main crop.


Process followed

KJBF worked on production principle & criteria of Better Cotton Systems, which helped in, to minimize the cost of production of cotton crop and to increase the productivity of 11000 enrolled farmers of BCI project. BCI was technical programme, it includes three training module on cotton crop-

  1. 1. Pre sowing practices
  2. 2. Integrated pest & Disease management
  3. 3. Decent work activities.

KJBF were formed 305 learning group of 11000 farmers of 106 villages of five block i.e. Seloo, Wardha, Deoli, Samudrapur and Ashti.  Each learning group comprises 25 to 40 farmers of same interest or living nearby home or farm. Through the learning group we were giving a technical training on cotton crop by continuous meeting and training of Learning Group.



Promotion of Better Cotton cultivation practices had been adopted by 11000 farmers from 106 villages of Seloo, Deoli, Wardha, Ashti & Samudrapur cluster of Wardha District over 45100 acres of land. The efforts had resulted in adoption of zero budget natural farming practices by 612 farmers over 600 acres of land and cultivation of non BT cotton variety by 67 farmers. With these there is 9.89 % increase in yield and 23.02 % increase in net profit per acre for the BCI farmers in comparison with conventional farming (Upto 2017).


  • We observed that intercrop in cotton such as pulses & vegetables give additional income to farmer.
  • Timely sowing of cotton crop with intercropping gives better cotton production as compare to sole crop.
  • Timely sowing i.e. early onset of monsoon (last week of May to June 1st week) reduces the attack of bollworm for straight line varieties of cotton.