Design For Change

Design For Change

Design for change is a global movement started by Principal Ms. Kiran Bir Sethi, Riverside School, Ahmedabad. Design for Change (DFC) is a global movement that cultivates the ‘I Can’ mind-set in every child. This ‘I Can’ spirit empowers children and gives them an opportunity to express their own ideas for a better world and put them into action. For more details you can visit the DFC website www.dfc. com

KJBF became part of this movement to build the life skill set of the children for their sustainable future in Wardha district. A four step process of Feel, Imagine, Do and Share helps students reach their desired goal.

Process followed

The programme is implemented in collaboration with Government Education Department. The principals and teachers were introduced to the DFC through organization of workshops. These teachers than in turn motivate the children to participate in the programme under the guidance of KJBF.   

A group of children is motivated through screening of video documentaries about the successful DFC stories. They were guided through the process of feel, imagine, do and Share to work on the issue they bother about and reach their goal.

Their efforts are documented through video clips and photographs for sharing to the rest of the world through YouTube application.


The efforts were successfully resulted in involvement of 150 schools in Wardha district, inspiring 5430 of children of Wardha, their teachers and parents to celebrate the fact that the change is possible and that they can lead that change. Diverse problems and issues were addressed which they didn’t realized can be resolved before the initiation of this programme.




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