Self Help Groups

Since 2009 KJBF has been facilitating the formation of Self-help groups by getting a group of people together to address their common needs to develop financial security and learn the skill of financial management increasing risk bearing capacity of the rural household. SHGs credit helps to maintain and expand human productive capacity.

 Strategy of KJBF for SHGs Development & Empowerment

  • To form a new group of members who were not included in any of group.
  • To restart those group which have been nonfunctional and form under several Govt. and Co-operative schemes.
  • To Empower the SHGs formed by several other NGOs and Co-operative bodies and build their capacity on various subjects and to facilitate them for their smooth functioning.

 Process of SHG formation:-

  • Identifying the needs and problems by conducting PRA of particular village.
  • Conducting meetings with the families not included in any SHG.
  • Making them aware of the benefits and processes of SHGs
  • Gathering the people with similar views and forming their group.
  • Opening Bank account in RRBs OR in NBs
  • Training And Capacity building of SHGs.


  • 1.  As of 2017, 9,205 male and 21,420 female member. Total 30,625 members are the part of our family as 2368 SHG’s member.
  • 2.  131 various types of income generation activities have been started by our SHG members.
  • 3.  Our SHG members’ confidence has been increased, as a result they are taking up many activities from Government schemes.
  • 4.  SHG members who have started various income generation activities are getting monthly average income of Rs.5000 as an additional income as a result their living standard has been improved.
  • 5.  SHG member’s confidence is increased in every field, they are going ahead in Political, social, village and family front. They are leading on every front of life. Taking their own decisions.
  • 6.  Female SHG members are taking lead role in liquor abolition in their village.
  • 7.  Their awareness has increased.

 KJBF revolving funds for SHG have significantly provided opportunities to poor community members to access small funds for micro-enterprise development with no interests. Besides significantly contributing to reducing debts from high interest loans from private financial institutions and to increasing household incomes of community members through the development of micro-enterprises, the SHG revolving funds have contributed to reducing migration of the poor to find jobs in neighbouring villages. 

 Concerning the ownership of SHG groups, most SHG says that “they are able to continue SHG activities because KJBF have built up trust, confidence, honesty and solidarity among members. With the continuous moral support and regular monthly guidance of KJBF our capacities have increased”.

This year KJBF participated in pilot project of SHG Digitization named E Shakti on web portal with 1050 SHGs with the help of NABARD. We want to see all our SHG members empowered and entrepreneur screening the path to other women for self-reliance