Institutional Building

The aim of the institution building programme is to institutionalise the developmental process for the constant and sustainable benefit of the community. Under institution building we promote institution, nurture institution and also revive institution. Different kinds of Enterprising activities are being taken up by the self help group’s members like Dairy farming, horticulture and kitchen gardening. Some non-farm based activities are also given focus for the livelihood sources. The saving accounts of the SHGs are being open and women are facilitated to reach bank and learn transactions mainly how to fill up slip, deposit money etc.

Process of institution building followed by KJBF

  • Individual contact
  • Clarification meeting and concept seeding about the institution
  • Exposure visit for cross learning within the district and also out side the district
  • Promotion of institution (SHGs) and bye laws evolution
  • Regularising Saving and Internal lending
  • Participatory planning for the income generating activities
  • Prioritizing work and implementation with people participation and contribution
  • Institutional Trainings at field and office level
  • Workshops on awareness generation and experience sharing

Management Support to institutions

Management support to the institution is also another area which is the core focus of KJBF. This kind of support is given to the SHGs, lift Irrigation societies and village development committees, which are defunct or in dormant stage. KJBF generally provide support in following ways.

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