Development of Non-Conventional Energy Sources

Under non conventional energy sources, KJBF promotes construction of Bio-Gas plants in the programme Villages. Bio-gas has been taken up by the community as one of the best sources of cooking and its bye product can be used as organic manure in the field. Recently we have promoted 60 Bio-gas plants in programme villages. It saves time and drudgery of women. Biogas also makes livelihoods system of a household sustainable.

Dttubhai and Vaishali Chauhan of Ridhora village of Seloo block have constructed a Bio-gas after getting support from KJBF. The landless couple has become a source of inspiration for all farmers. They are dependent on labour work and dairy farming. Before the construction of biogas they use to collect fire wood from the forest on head. When the biogas has been constructed Dattu collected cattle dung from the village to start the biogas. They had two cattle and are planning to get two more with KJBF support. Now, Vaishali speaks with smile “I won’t have to fetch wood from the forest and I am also earning money because I am cooking in Balwadi”.

Our sucess stories

Biogas Reducing Drudgery and Anxieties of Rural Household

Reducing the drudgery of a landless family

Reducing the worries of landless family

Indiratai constructed Biogas plant for her daughter in law

Drawing health benefits

Improving the soil fertility with the use of biogas slurry and manure