Human Resource Development

Developing and managing the existing Human Resources is just as important as to conserve and manage the natural resources of the region, in order to improve the quality of life of the people by ensuring economically gainful activities and unleashing the hidden potential of human resources in Wardha. KJBF recognizes the value of traditional knowledge and practices and supports the community through building their capacity to understand science and technology and improve their financial and management skills, while retaining their basic human values. KGBF aims to enable the community to become self-reliant in its pursuit of improving the quality of life

Institution Building

The aim of the institution building programme is to institutionalise the developmental process for the constant and sustainable benefit of the community. Under institution building we promote institution, nurture institution and also revive institution. Different kinds of Enterprising activities are being taken up by the self help group's members like Dairy farming, horticulture and kitchen gardening. Some non-farm based activities are also given focus for the livelihood sources.

Women Empowerment

Women are the focus of the development. Special Self Help Groups of women are being Promoted. They are also encouraged to take up income generating activities. 

Capacity Building

As a strategy of building the capacities of the community to take charge of their own development, KJBF works with the members of the community institutions, such as the SHGs. KJBF reinforces the importance of basic human values like honesty, integrity, mutual trust and team spirit and community good. It provides training in Yoga, meditation and special sessions of the 'Art of Living' programme. A lot of emphasis is given to imparting value education. KJBF also provides leadership training and focuses on building skills necessary for becoming effective managers of developmental initiatives. Specific skills training in the area of finance and management, empowers the people to take charge of their own development. Special efforts are made to empower women through building their capabilities to play important roles in improving their condition and societal position. These women's SHGs are platforms for interaction not only between women themselves, but also allow the group to get involved in gainful income generating activities and interact with Panchayat and other government offices, banks, other developmental organizations and even markets